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The ARRIGE association

The ARRIGE association was registered in France on 4 December 2018 with the name Association for Responsible Research and Innovation in Genome Editing (ARRIGE) as a non-for-profit association.

The official address of ARRIGE is at the Center for Interdisciplinary Research (CRI), 8 rue Charles V, 75005 Paris, France.

The ARRIGE bylaws

These are the original ARRIGE bylaws (in French) and the corresponding translation in English. Only the French version was filed at the time of registration and has the proper legal value. The English version is provided for clarity and has no legal value.

The ARRIGE internal rules

On 28 May 2021 the ARRIGE Board has approved a set of internal rules to govern several aspects of the ARRIGE association, including membership types, rights and obligations of members and details of the election process for renewing the ARRIGE Board. The ARRIGE internal rules are available in French and in English.

The objectives of ARRIGE are:

  • to promote a global governance of genome editing through a comprehensive setting for all stakeholders, including academics, researchers, clinicians, public institutions, private companies, patient organizations and other non-governmental organizations, regulators, citizens, communication media, governmental agencies and decision makers
  • to push forward the scientific, ethical, social, legal and political reflection in the field of genome editing
  • to foster the development of genome editing technologies within a safe and ethical framework for individuals and for our societies
  • the dissemination of reliable information regarding genome-editing technology for experts (all fields included), politicians and citizens throughout the world.

The Founding Board of ARRIGE is formed by:

President: Lluís Montoliu (Spain)

Vice-President: Hervé Chneiweiss (France)

General Secretary: François Hirsch (France)

Deputy General Secretary: Christine Lemaitre (France)

Treasurer: Cyril Sarrauste de Menthière (France)

Deputy Treasurer: Jennifer Merchant (France)

Communication Manager: Marion Abecassis (France)

The ARRIGE Scientific Committee has been created and their duties include:

  • to provide a forum of experience and knowledge-sharing in the field of genome-editing
  • to ensure the quality and scientific integrity of the studies and reports undertaken by the focus groups of the Association
  • to be responsible for the quality and the scientific integrity of the ethical recommendations the Association may draft for users of genome-editing technology, national and international decision-makers and the civil society at large.

Members of the ARRIGE Scientific Committee:

Chair: Gaétan Burgio (Australia), Vice-Chair: Tony Nolan (UK)

Janet Rossant (Canada), Matthew Porteus (USA), Stephen Ekker (USA), Lydia Teboul (UK), Bruce Whitelaw (UK), Yann Herault (France), Jerome Amir Singh (Canada), Eleonore Pauwels (USA), Ayola Akim Adegnika (Gabon), Fabiana Arzuaga (Argentina), Mylène Botbol (Belgium), Pierre Jouannet (France), Amar Jesani (India), Josep Casacuberta (Spain), Martina Crispo (Uruguay), Juraj Koppel (Slovakia) and Bernard Baertschi (Switzerland)

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ARRIGE web site prepared by Lluís Montoliu - Last modified: 01 June 2021