ARRIGE coverage from Germany

Article in German published by the internet newspaper reporting about the ARRIGE kick-off meeting and the overall initiative.

The Online Journal just published an article introducing the ARRIGE initiative and the kick-off meeting held in Paris on March 23, 2018. This article is entitled “Welcome ARRIGE!
Vereinigung zum verantwortlichen Umgang mit Genome Editing gegründet” and is written in German.

ARRIGE coverage from Spain

Article about the ARRIGE kick-off meeting published by the Spanish newspaper DIARIO MEDICO

The Spanish newspaper DIARIO MEDICO, specialized in the field of health and regularly read by many professional colleagues including those from Hospitals, Clinics and Biomedical research centres in Spain, covered the launching of the ARRIGE and our kick-off meeting in a recent article, written by José A. Plaza and published on April 8, 2018. The article is in Spanish and is entitled: “Toward an international governance in CRISPR“.