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Issue number 3: April 2021

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1st Albrecht Müller ARRIGE Seminar

All you want to know on Gene Drive

23 September 2021

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2021 Campaign Open

ARRIGE e-newsletter: Issue number 3 (April 2021)

contains a Statement on the regulation of gene editing for crop breeding prepared by the ARRIGE Scientific Committee and endorse by ARRIGE

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On March 23, 2018, in Paris (France), we launched the international “Association for Responsible Research and Innovation in Genome Editing” (ARRIGE) to promote a global governance of genome editing. We aim at providing a comprehensive setting for all stakeholders (academics, private companies, patient organizations, citizens, decision makers) to allow the development of these paramount technologies in a safe and socially-acceptable environment. This meeting was the continuation of several workshops held with African, Latino-American and Indian colleagues, to find common means to address the ethical and societal issues raised by the rapid introduction of gene editing technologies.

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ARRIGE has established a specific web domain (; an email account (; a twitter account (@ArrigeOrg); a blog, and an internal discussion email list, to promote the discussion and sharing of ideas around the subject of responsible use of genome editing technologies.

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