The ARRIGE initiative presented from the ComunicaBiotec blog

Article by Lluis Montoliu at the blog of the association ComunicaBiotec on the launching and objectives of ARRIGE.

The ARRIGE initiative is being presented from various newspapers, journals, web sites and associations. One of the recent articles about ARRIGE, about its launching in Paris and its objectives, has been written (in Spanish) by Lluis Montoliu for the blog of ComunicaBiotec, a Spanish Association of Communication in Biotechnology. In this article, Lluis Montoliu describes the scenario where ARRIGE was born, the precedent activities and the future ahead, trying to promote the responsible use of genome editing technologies.


ARRIGE coverage from Germany

Article in German published by the internet newspaper reporting about the ARRIGE kick-off meeting and the overall initiative.

The Online Journal just published an article introducing the ARRIGE initiative and the kick-off meeting held in Paris on March 23, 2018. This article is entitled “Welcome ARRIGE!
Vereinigung zum verantwortlichen Umgang mit Genome Editing gegründet” and is written in German.

ARRIGE coverage from Spain

Article about the ARRIGE kick-off meeting published by the Spanish newspaper DIARIO MEDICO

The Spanish newspaper DIARIO MEDICO, specialized in the field of health and regularly read by many professional colleagues including those from Hospitals, Clinics and Biomedical research centres in Spain, covered the launching of the ARRIGE and our kick-off meeting in a recent article, written by José A. Plaza and published on April 8, 2018. The article is in Spanish and is entitled: “Toward an international governance in CRISPR“.

ARRIGE Kick-Off meeting: review of ethics positions by Ewa Bartnik

Review of ethics positions, reports, documents published on gene editing by other groups and institutions, presented by Ewa Bartnik (University of Warsaw, Poland), former rapporteur UNESCO IBC. ARRIGE Kick-Off meeting was held on 23 March 2018 at the Région Île-de-France Parliament, in Paris, France.

ARRIGE Kick-Off meeting video files available from the new ARRIGE YouTube channel. All 21 video files can be played and watched in the correct order through the ARRIGE Kick-Off meeting YouTube Play List.

More information about ARRIGE can be obtained from the ARRIGE web site.

The ARRIGE initiative featured in Science magazine

Image from illustrating the article by Martin Enserink in Science magazine on the ARRIGE initiative

Science magazine is featuring the ARRIGE initiative in an interesting article by Martin Enserink. The journalist talked to Hervé Chneiweiss, Peter Mills and Lluís Montoliu on the past Friday ARRIGE kick-off meeting in Paris, and also contacted Sheila Jassanoff, who had presented a similar global proposal for genome editing governance in another article published in Nature last week.

Ewa Bartnik reviewed at the ARRIGE kick-off meeting in Paris the many current reports already published on the Ethics issues and global governance of genome editing

Ewa Bartnik, University of Warsaw, Poland. Former rapporteur UNESCO ICB

Ewa Bartnik (University of Warsaw, Poland) reviewed the multiple reports and documents already published on the subject, with positions from other groups, agencies, societies, associations, councils and governmental bodies on the associated Ethics aspects of genome editing technologies and their impact in human beings, animals, plants and the environment. At the ARRIGE kick-off meeting in Paris, Ewa Bartnik updated her previous presentation on this matter which she had nicely prepared for the November 2017 meeting in Paris too.