The ARRIGE initiative featured in The CRISPR Journal

The ARRIGE initiative described in an article published in the second issue of The CRISPR Journal

The ARRIGE initiative is receiving plenty of attention and generating a lot of interest from media and scientific journals. This is the case of The CRISPR Journal, which features a description of the birth of ARRIGE in its second issue. This article is open access. If you want to know more information about the ideas behind the foundation of ARRIGE, how they were shaped, how they developed and crystalized in the recent kick-off meeting in Paris, essentially aiming toward the responsible use of genome editing technologies, you can now simply read this publication.


The CRISPR web at CNB: a web repository of CRISPR information and publications

The CRISPR-Cas system from bacteria transformed into a most efficient genome editing tool.

Anyone interested in the prokaryotic origins of the CRISPR systems and their transformation into the most efficient ever known genome editing tools should consider visiting this CRISPR web page at CNB-CSIC, maintained by Lluis Montoliu. This is a most useful and regularly updated web repository of publications, information, history, protocols, procedures, talks, videos, etc… all about CRISPR and their use as genome editing tool in a variety of applications.