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Initial ARRIGE meetings

Vector-Borne Diseases, Nature and Genome Editing: An Ethical Consultation, at Medical University of Vienna, 8-9 January 2020, Vienna, Austria

ARRIGE ANNUAL MEETING, at CRI, 14 November 2019, Paris, France

ARRIGE KICK-OFF MEETING, 23 March 2018, Paris, France

Introducing the ARRIGE initiative at the IMPC/Infrafrontier meeting, 16 November 2017, Athens, Greece


ARRIGE Kick-Off meeting

ARRIGE KICK-OFF MEETING, Région Île-de-France, Paris, France, 22-23 March 2018

Keynote Lecture by Francis JM Mojica at the ARRIGE Kick-Off meeting

Presentation of the ARRIGE initiative by Hervé Chneiweiss at the ARRIGE Kick-Off meeting

Lluis Montoliu final remarks, workshop conclusion and next steps at the ARRIGE Kick-Off meeting

ARRIGE Kick-Off Meeting YouTube videos playlist

Some pictures taken during the ARRIGE Kick-Off meeting in Paris

Peter Mills and Paul-Loup Weil-Dubouc
Paul-Loup Weil-Dubouc and Marion Abecassis
Parliament of Région Île-de-France
Parliament of Région Île-de-France
Parliament of Région Île-de-France
Parliament of Région Île-de-France
Andreas Kurtz at the Parliament of Région Île-de-France
Peter Mills at the Parliament of Région Île-de-France
Hervé Chneiweiss
Lluís Montoliu
François Hirsch
Jennifer Merchant
Francisco Juan Martínez Mojica
Magnus Magnusson
Filipa Ferraz de Oliveira
Marion Abecassis
Andreas Kurtz
Béatrice Holtz
Lauren Roberts
Louise James

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